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as the moon kindles the night
as the moon kindles the night

Cné. 23. Taurus. Python Nu Kappa. Slytherin. Triple Threat. I run characterhunt and am a mod at purelypixar

"Gettin' paid is a forté
Each and everyday
True player way"

Bitch, I'm fabu.
This is a PERSONAL blog
i am a princess
All girls are
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By: MarioChavez

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I look too cute to waste it at home. I think I’ll find some cafe or some shit.

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nah man i don’t fuck with dummy movies!!! demons and dummies are a no fucking go for me.

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I’d say Psycho, The Exorcist, Carrie (not that scary but still a great movie), or The Shining. Rosemary’s Baby (the original) is probably my favorite, but /might/ fall into the demon category idk.

thanks but those are all really classic and I’ve seen all of them… lol any others?!

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Watch Dead Silence! Or the Conjuring! :D

I saw the Conjuring! It was pretty good, I wanna see the second one because Annabelle scared the shit out of me and I wanna know what’s up with that bitch. What’s Dead Silence about?

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Which ones did you put on?

idk some movie that’s like a modern-day lizzie bourden…. and then knock-off of paranormal activity. Annnnd then some movie about this chick is a maid but like turns out to be some ghost chick or something idk it was weird.

I sat through 30 min of all of them and eh… i mean i know it takes FOREVER for scary movies to get scary but there has to be some kind of interesting plot for me to keep watching lol

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